Trojan Grill Smoke Tube, Pellet Smoker Tube Complete KIT. Best Pellet Tube Smoker, BBQ Smoke Tube for Grilling - Stainless Steel Extra Large 12 Inch


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Add REAL WOOD SMOKE FLAVOR to your favorite foods! Looking for the perfect smoke tube for your grill? THIS IS IT! Get the Trojan Grill Extra Large 12-inch Pellet Smoker Tube with exclusive patent-pending "no roll" safety design that is portable, durable, and guaranteed to turn ordinary grilled food into a remarkably delicious culinary experience!

Use Pellet Tube with Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Pecan or any other hardwood pellets to infuse delicious smoke flavor when cooking, basting or grilling any meat, cheese, fish, chicken breast or other poultry, pork, ribs, cured meats, hot dogs, sausages, bacon, corn, nuts and more!

The Ultimate Smoke Tube COMPLETE KIT - Stainless Steel BBQ Smoke Tube Generator for Propane, Natural Gas, Electric or Charcoal Barbecue Grills - Extra Large 12 Inch.Ā 

Best Pellet Tube Smoker, see more details below:

Design Specifications:

SMOKE TUBE PATENT PENDING "NO ROLL" DESIGN - this amazing smoker tube has a revolutionary design that works with ANY grill or smoker, produces MORE smoke for longer, and distributes it more evenly - without rolling around dangerously on your grill, racks, tray, mat or griddle top! Open cap at one end provides access for safe and easy filling and lighting, while closed cap at other end keeps pellets inside and limits air flow to maximize smoke production.

Special Features:

PELLET SMOKER TUBE MORE EFFICIENT AND LONGER LASTING - The Trojan Grill Ultimate Smoke Tube is made of super-high quality 304 stainless steel, so it's rust and heat resistant and extremely durable. This smoke tube for grilling has an exclusive rounded top and solid flat underside limits air intake to keep wood pellets smoldering longer. Produces WAY more smoke than smoking guns. Huge capacity 12" smoking tube length generates or supplements hot or cold smoke and handles enough wood pellets to smoke food for many hours between refills!

For Outdoor Grilling:

BBQ SMOKE TUBE WORKS WITH ALL GRILLS, SMOKERS and HARDWOOD - The Trojan Grill smoke tube is compatible with all propane, electric, gas, charcoal, hardwood pellet grills, egg grills, infrared cooker and smokers, or any other type of outdoor barbecue grill including bullet, offset, kettle drum and barrel barques. Best pellet tube smoker generatesĀ  smoke using most all hardwood pellets and many wood chips.

Package Includes:

SMOKE TUBE COMPLETE COMBO KIT - Box set includes big 12 inch smoker tube, instructions, and BONUS attachment accessories hanging hooks, BONUS big pipe cleaner brush, BONUS recipe book and BONUS tips and tricks for professional grilling results! TO USE: Fill the smoke tube with your favorite wood pellets, chips or sawdust, ignite with a lighter or blow torch, and sit or stand it on your BBQ griddle, tray, mat or hang it from the racks to infuse tons of gourmet smoke flavor into your favorite grilled foods!

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