MUSTOOL Digital Microscope Camera. Best Microscope For Coins and Electronics Repair. 7" Screen, Magnify 1-1200X, Built-in Battery

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Perfect digital microscope for coin collecting and electronics repair. 7" color screen LCD display with continuous zoom from 1 to 1200 times magnification with built-in lithium batteries.


The MUSTOOL team has released the new upgraded and innovative digital microscope--G1200. The G1200 is an upgraded and advanced version of the G600. The G1200 has many new key features including a 7-inch HD LCD Screen, the bracket can be rotated at any angle forward and backward to suit your needs, while the lens supports 1-1200X continuous zoom. This truly can help improve your daily work performance. Great for use at work and at home. It's very light and easy to assemble and disassemble for transport. Listed below are key advantages, features, specifications, and important images for your full review.

New Key Advantages:

Advantage 1:

Vertical microscopes have a serious drawback: it is easy to lose sight of the details of the objects due to reflection. Because they are used in many applications such as solder on PCBs, model designation of some tiny chips and metals which requires distinct sight of the details of the objects. The G1200 specifically solves this issue. It is an angle-adjustable digital microscope that solves the problem of high reflection. It's a great experience in the electronics maintenance industry, and it's important to note that this machine has a larger operable space than the other microscopes. It is very convenient to use tweezers, electric soldering iron, and others under this microscope.

Advantage 2: 

 Most other microscopes are two-gear magnification, either too large or too small. It's hard to find a suitable view. The G1200 is a digital microscope with continuous zoom, and it has a wide range of viewing options compared to other microscopes, ranging from 1 to 1200 times magnification, and always finding a suitable multiple for you. 


1: Pixel: HD 12 megapixel
2: Display screen: 7-inch HD LCD display.
3: Magnification: 1-1200 × continuous amplification system.
4: Distance between object: 10MM to infinity (different distances correspond to different multiples)
5. Built-in ultra-lithium battery, the battery can work continuously for 4-5 hours (when not on video recording working condition)
6: Sixteen language systems: English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Hebrew, Portugal, German, French, Italy, Turkey, Czech, Poland, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.


  • Screen size 7 inches
  • Screen resolution: 1024X600
  • Screen saver: Off · 30 sec · 1 min · 2 min (optional)
  • Automatic shutdown: Off. 3 minutes. 5 minutes. 10 minutes
  • Hz light source: 50 Hz · 60 Hz
  • Language options: 16 Languages
  • Date adjustment: year, month, day | hour, minute, second
  • Format: YES/NO
  • Default: YES/NO
  • In video mode:
  • Resolution: 1080FHD, 720P, VGA
  • Circulating camera: Off/3 minutes/5 minutes/10 minutes. When the flash memory card is full, the foremost video data will be deleted and the video will be saved.
  • HDR high dynamic range: On/Off (When power on, the video recording function will be turned on automatically if any object moves under the lens without manual operation.)
  • Exposure compensation: 7 grades for option
  • Date Label: Display/Close-Date and Time can be selected on the screen
  • In Photo mode: Photograph delay: Single. 2 seconds. 5 seconds. 10 seconds.
  • Photo pixels: 1.3 M · 2 M · 5 M · 8 M · 10 M · 12 M
  • Continuous shooting: 3 consecutive shots
  • Photo quality: Quality · Standard · Compression
  • Sharpness: Strong · Standard · Soft
  • Color: Nothingness · Black and White · Nostalgia
  • ISO: Automatic · 100 · 200 · 400
  • Exposure compensation: 7 grades for option
  • Photo assist: Anti-hand shock on/off
  • Date label: On/Off
  • Storage space: Watch: Up, Down, Delete, Protection
  • Mode switching: recording mode / camera mode / playback mode
  • Power supply: DC interface (Micro USB)/ Built-in large 3000mah capacity lithium battery
  • Flashcard socket (MicroSD): support 1-128GB. Class10 + speed
  • Light brightness regulator
  • Highlight 8 LED lamps with a continuous service life of up to 100,000 hours

Package Includes:

  • 1 x MUSTOOL G1200 Microscope
  • 1 x English User Manual


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  • From USA warehouse 7-10 business days
  • From China warehouse 15-20 business days
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